How Do I Contribute?

  1. To contribute, please follow these steps:
  2. Go to tokensale@impalacoin.network
  3. Sign up or Login
  4. Set your wallet address (If you do not have one create)
  5. Click on the Buy ICM button
  6. Select currency BTC ETH USD & XLM
  7. Enter the amount
  8. Send funds to the payment address
  9. What currencies do you accept?

We accept BTC ETH USD & XLM

  1. What are your soft cap and hard cap?

The Soft cap is $1M, the Hard cap is $50M, There are a total of 175,500,000 tokens available for sale and any tokens not sold will be burned.

  1. Who is eligible to participate in the sale?

Residents and citizens of United States of America, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region are prohibited from participating.

Residents of all other countries except mentioned above can participate in all rounds of our ICO sale


  1. What is ImpalaCoin?

ICM is a utility coin running on ImpalaPay’s existing and  extensive rails in mobile and digital
processing and the Stellar blockchain. ICM value is backed up by commodities in designated secure warehousing as well Fiat Mobile money float which is the most tradable commodity in Africa and China,YES more than oil. Against this two but not limited to them we will enable
the trader to access trade finance and borrowings.  We expect ICMs Utility coin to be the most successful in terms of real life use and we intend this to be the one of the biggest offline & online blockchains.


When can I get my tokens?

Tokens will be accessed 2 weeks after the end of the public sale

  1. Is there any lock up period?

Yes, there is a token lock up period. The tokens will be issued 2 weeks after the end of the public sale

  1. Does your team have a lock up period?

Team allocations will be locked and vested for a period of 3 months

  1. I am Interested in Participating whom should I contact?

Send us an email to tokens@impalacoin.network

  1. Why Stellar?

ImpalaCoin will be leveraging the Stellar platform for the issuance of ICM tokens. Stellar is a highly sophisticated and secure platform that’s trusted by major banks and reputable companies such as IBM and Deloitte. Development and management of proprietary blockchain solutions carry certain security risks that the Stellar platform protects against. Our concept development, ecosystem and solution is also matured, and developing on Stellar will enable us to focus resources on marketing, and expanding acceptance across our target remittance corridors. Stellar’s low-cost, high-volume transaction model makes them ideal for transacting ICM tokens. Further, Stellar is focused on developing countries which constitute the majority of the remittance corridors that we are targeting. Stellar is committed to boosting access and supporting people in these markets with platforms and solutions to help them exchange value conveniently.


  1. Liquidity?

Also, immediate and continuous liquidity is essential for the success of the ICM token. There is existing business activity that we will transition into the system, thereby requiring an immediate exchange for ICMs issued. Stellar facilitates the issuance and trading of tokens on its decentralized exchanged immediately, while have begun and will continue negotiating partnerships with other exchanges.


After ImpalaCoin tokens are generated there will be 3 distribution keys which will be held by our auditors of MGI International, Company Lawyer Jared Otieno From Lex Group Africa International and one of our Advisors Mr Ollie Walsh CEO of PipIT Global, on behalf of token holders.

  1. What are you doing to ensure transparency of the coins being generated?

There will be 4 witnesses during token generation. They will include a representative of MGI International, Lawrence Chan one of our advisors, Maureen Mutua an advisor who a specialist and author in Anti Money Laundering and KYC and our CEO Elsie Njane.

  1. What if you don’t.t raise the minimum required capital?

The platform will go ahead with private funding and all public funds returned to users

  1. Bonus?


The Bonus Distribution is as follows

Week 1: 35 % token bonus

Week 2-7: 30% token bonus

Week 3: 10% token bonus

Week 4: 5% token bonus

Week 5: 5% token bonus


Here is a Q&A breaking down ImpalaCoin Tokenomics
ImpalaCoin is a utility token that is built on the stellar platform and is meant for use within ImpalaPay’s
already existing ecosystem network. The tokens have been designed such that they can be easily
transferred among users both in and out of the ecosystem.

1.Why did we create a (crypto)token?
A convergence of mobile money and crypto is the best of both worlds. Mobile money/virtual FIAT has
met cultural acceptance whereas cryptocurrencies are easily accepted as a medium of exchange
ICM will ease if not eliminate the process of cross border trade in Africa and emerging markets that are
highly fragmented with too many currencies that are not easily exchangeable and are governed by strict
regulations This will allow informal and SME traders to scale up and gain access to bigger markets
enabling financial inclusivity
2.What is the token supposed to do?
 Enable cross border trade
 Store value as a primary means for financial inclusion
 Create a means of identification
 Build an active trade community as the backbone of the ecosystem
 Be a border free currency that Is tradable with other currencies
 Establish a credit rating system
3. What behavior are we trying to incentivize or elicit from our users, partners, or other stakeholders
with your token?
To eliminate distrust, loss and fraud in international trade
Eliminating the cumbersome nature of cross border trade by easing the trade process
Participation of the vast majority that do not have credit cards
4.Is our token price solely determined by the open market?
5.What effects will token price variation token price have on the ecosystem?
Low prices are likely to discourage merchants within our agent network and super agents as they may
see lower returns on their residual and commission payments. Higher prices may encourage hodling due
to further expectation that the price will increase this will put importers at a disadvantage because of
high costs.
6. What actions could a bad actor take to manipulate the price of the token?

A bad actor may seek to buy a lot of tokens when the prices are still low from users who can use the
tokens within the ecosystem this will lead to scarcity of coins to be used within the ecosystem
creating an unpredictable environment
We have measures to mitigate if such a situation arises;
Release more tokens to the public thus reducing the token price forcing a bad actor to sell of their
coins to real users
If the supply of the coin is a flooded, we will buy the coins back and either freeze or burn them
7.Would ICM token work without it being traded on a cryptocurrency exchange?
Yes, because it is a utility token designed to get used within our ecosystem it will therefore be useful
whether in an exchange or not
8.Would this platform still work when your token is replaced by Ether or another crypto- or non-
Yes, it is already functional with FIAT currency
9.Is the token a principal payment unit, essentially functioning as an internal currency?
Yes, and it can be traded within the ecosystem and Over the counter
10.How user friendly is this interaction with ICM token?
We have a user friendly interface and all trading is done in the background this accommodates
users who have little knowledge in crypto
11.Does the coin have inflation?
The Stellar network has the ability to add inflation to its assets and in fact the base Lumens
which power the transactions have a 1% annual inflationary model designed to keep its price
forever low. After much consultation we found that users appreciated and value the non-
inflationary aspect much like precious metals and most crypto currencies and therefore ICM has
no inflation.
12. How does ICM intend to scale up the value of it’s utility token?
ImpalaPay is a leader in mobile money networks interoperability. ICM is designed to work seamlessly
with mobile money which is really virtual Fiat money and a form of a stable currency. ICM is therefore
designed for mass adoption.
Airdrops are an incentive for super agents who create a value chain of merchants growing the
ecosystem. This airdrops can be redeemed for exchangeable gift vouchers, international remittance and
processing payments
13. What platform is the ICM token built on?
ICM will be leveraging the Stellar platform for the issuance of its tokens. Stellar is a highly sophisticated
and secure platform that's trusted by major banks and reputable companies such as IBM and Deloitte.
Development and management of proprietary blockchain solutions carry certain security risks that the

Stellar platform protects against. Developing on Stellar will enable us to focus resources on marketing,
and expanding acceptance across our target remittance corridors.

14.Is it possible to integrate with your business?
Yes send an email to tokens@impalacoin.network



  1. User goes to Impalacoin.network
  2. Download or read online our two pager (English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and French versions), pitch deck and whitepaper.
  3. Click on sign up on the website or alternatively go directly to tokensale.impalacoin.network. The site also has different translations available.
  4. Fill in registration details (First time users) or Log in
  5. On the Menu click on purchase
  6. Download a stellar wallet if you don’t have one already. Look them up here https://www.stellar.org/lumens/wallets/
  7. Input your stellar address where the tokens will be sent to
  8. Fill in the amount of tokens to purchase, a bonus will be issued depending on the number of tokens you are purchasing a 30% bonus will be issued for purchases of 2500 USD and above. Minimum purchase is 100 USD.
  9. Select the mode of payment. Available options BTC ETH XLM BCH FIAT
  10. Complete the transaction.


NOTE: Tokens will be issued 2-4 weeks after the Public sale