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During the first funding round of the token sale a discounted price of 0.15 USD will be extended to interested parties. Token purchases of over 10,000 USD during this period will attract a shareholding right once the project (digital crypto bank) has been fully developed and began operation.

An AI Driven Global pioneer of mobile P2P 21st century cross border payments. Impalapay has built worldwide payment infrastructure on the rails of mobile money, banking & alternative Finance. Pay local collect global.Register for the token sale and get free ICM tokens

We are not a pie in the sky. We have been building digital infrastructure since 2014.

1 ICM = 0.876559 XLM

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Our Core

What is ImpalaCoin?

ImpalaCoin is the crypto currency that is powering the Impala crypto bank or financial network. The crypto bank is a financial inclusive trade and transactional whose primary target is informal paper cash cross border trader, SME international merchant, International supply chain support institutions, e-commerce businesses.

The Crypto bank is built on the rails of the stellar blockchain and payments network and the ImpalaPay mobile money processing infrastructure.
Our secondary target market is the international remittances, bill payments and revenue collection markets, which we can securely provide end to end straight through processing transactions in over 117 countries.

We have partnered with Sunmi Technology to bring you blockchain powered Android POS, which will enable merchants to buy,sell and accept crypto payments both for mobile and Card Payments

  • cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Traditional mobile wallet
  • Sell cryptos
  • Buy back cryptos
  • Pay with cryptos
  • QR code
Trading challenges faced by emerging African markets

Building a robust crypto-economy
Prevailing situation

Africa is a continent rich in human capital, talent, entrepreneurial stamina and mineral resources and is home to one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world estimated at around 350 million. Despite the progress made, Africa is burdened by poor economic leadership, currencies that are difficult to convert and old colonial borders that were drawn for administration rather than economic markets and are inconsistent with the growth of the large commercial markets such as COMESA.

Low banking and insurance penetration affects 70-90% of the unbanked in Africa. This has led to a thriving informal exchange and remittance market which is largely cash driven that enables international commerce. Cash is risky, expensive and limiting in terms of credit growth, financial inclusion and bulk purchases.


Response to emerging demands for Intra-Africa Trade Integration

There is a compelling need to integrate all these nations and bring them into a common intra-Africa trading and financial platform. ICM is currently building the world’s largest offline & online blockchain backed by a Digital bank or financial network which will be the key foundation in building the cross-border ecosystem in parallel to the continuing activities to build the crypto economy. ICM shall collaborate with other logistics players such as transportation, smart contracts legal documentation, customs and tax authorities, warehousing, standards and quality certification, fuel, accommodation etc. ICM will be able to circulate within this ecosystem at least eight times before exiting to other currencies making ICM the first truly real life usable currency.

Our Goal

To transform, simplify and democratize transactional banking and trade banking in Africa and emerging markets.

ICM achievable goal is to be the pioneering and premier cross border trade crypto currency, that enabled international commerce intra- Africa & between Africa and its trading partners.

Critical to this goal is to roll out a Crypto Bank or Financial network on the rails of the world’s largest offline and online Blockchain economic ecosystem network. The Bank or Financial network will be interlinked and Interoperable with Banks, Mobile money wallets, crypto currencies, payment service providers, merchant agency payouts, postal corporations aided by proprietary mobile point of sales and partner terminals..


Target Market and Potential

ICM has a potential to solve Africa’s real global financial problems, including inflation from developed currencies and exchange medium, giving the global village economy access to consumer and industrial goods, as well as encouraging exports and savings in a stable currency.


Value of annual Intra-Africa trade


International global remittances. $40B is Africa’s share.


of Africa’s cross border and inter Africa and international trade is carried out by the informal cross border traders and SME merchants


The trade value of countries in the One Belt One Road trade route


Annual international trade between China and Africa.


The value of cash trade in emerging markets


Number of registered mobile money accounts


Amount processed via mobile money in a day.


Mobile wallets in Africa.


Registered mobile money accounts in East Africa.


Annual value of cross border informal trade East Africa.


Why We Are Special

A global payment processing and messaging system

Provides a single-source solution for domestic and international processing

Africa Trade eliminating Costly Legal and Bank charges

High scalability for all payment types

Single universal multicurrency wallet built on the rails of ICM hub.

Smart contracts between companies in china and Intra-Africa

Unparalleled reliability and availability

Real time to T-1 day interoperability between mobile banks and IMTs

Supports high-volume, mission-critical payments handling & message switching enables efficient processing within a highly configurable work flow

ICM Key Success Indicators

ICM makes use of merits of blockchain, featured with decentralization, autonomy, transparency & tamper-proof information , among others to ensure system security.

Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

Elsie Njane 

CEO and Co-founder

Elsie is an industrious lady and a seasoned money remittance professional with over 14 year’s wealth of experience in Business Development, Partner Relationship Management, Operations and General management of Remittance Businesses. She has great knowledge on Mobile payments and Cross border remittances especially the African Markets.

John Mutuku 

COO and Co-founder

John commands more than 20 Years’ experience in Finance, Banking and Financial technologies. He is an astute Entrepreneur, pioneer of alternative methods for cross border payments in 2003 and International remittances termination to Mobile money wallet 2007. He established cross border mobile to mobile P2P Airtel DRC to Rwanda Jan 2014. He is passionate to realize the potential of Crypto currency, Blockchain, Mobile money, Multi-currency wallets & offline payments in creating a border free, corruption and Inflation Immune secure decentralized ecosystem.

Michael Wakahe


Michael is an innovator by nature has an enormous wealth of experience in the ICT
industry. He has been in this field for close to 10 years now his passion for ICT has been his major drive. His acumen encompasses Technical industry areas including: mobile value-added services and mobile money programming in various languages. He holds a computer engineering degree from McGill University.  

Rodgers Kebabe

Head of Marketing 

Eugene Chimita 

Chief Technology Officer

Kelvin Muli 

System Administration

Simon Mwania 

Chief Financial Officer

Mercy Maithya  

Digital Marketing

Foundation of Our Success

Our Advisory Board

Mr. Chan 

 Strategy Advisor

Mr. Chan has been a business owner and property investor for over 23 years with interests in various start-ups. Mr. Chan has successfully started and sold two companies in mobile messaging and payments industry. He has extensive expertise and experience in delivering accelerated business growth for startup companies, sales and marketing, and international market entry. Further his company today has partnerships in multiple leading countries for money services, loading and payout locations in Africa, EU, Latin and North Americas. Currently he has interests in international money transfers/e-wallet/prepaid cards, and latest ventures in crypto cards/cold storage/multiple coins and 1 : 1 asset backed gold crypto coin.






Manir Zaman 

Technical and Software Development Advisor

Manir Zaman Is a  Senior Software Development Executive with Over 22 years of industry experience in Blockchain Solution Development | IOC | Blockchain IoT | HyperledgerDevelopment. He is Specialized in Driving All Software Engineering Activities and has got an excellent  Engineering Vision and Strategy as well as Delivery, Development and Maintenance of Software Applications, Apps, Web-Based Systems.Manir is advising the technical team of the project and with his wide array of knowledge and experience he will Lead the company’s vision, strategy and operational aspects of software engineering functions as well as driving externally resourced engineering projects, 3rd party technical support and quality assurance teams all while  providing strong leadership to develop and set individual and team performance goals, encouraging and mentoring team members to maximize their abilities.


Maureen Mutua

AML KYC Advisor

Maureen Mutua has over eight years’ experience in comprehensive AML and KYC compliance oversight. She possesses extensive knowledge of laws and regulations relating to compliance such as The Bank Secrecy Act, FinCEN, Council of the EU, FATF, and OFAC with oversight for monitoring, reporting and analyzing compliance risk and creating strategies for risk mitigation. Her technical skills enable her to help financial institutions in risk identification, risk assessment, controls and development, Her experience and understanding of regulatory requirements, allows her to train and provide advisory services to financial institutions to adhere to regulatory laws and supervisory requirements. Maureen is a published author of an AML/CFT book titled “Mastering Anti- Money Laundering, What I Have Learned About Dirty Money and What You Need to Know”. In 324 pages, the book covers topics such as; the role of artificial intelligence and regulatory technology in preventing ML, the risk-based approach, trade-based money laundering, suspicious transaction reporting and the Wolfsberg group standards, EU, GIABA, UN regulations with respect to KYC and AML..

Herve Lacorne

Growth and Innovation Advisor

Hervé is the founder and CEO of Trade Solutions group, delivering on demand technology to international banks and foreign exchange companies. He held various Global banking positions ranging from loan officer to President. As a Senior Vice president for Imperial Bank, Hervé lead the development of SwiftTrade®, the first web-based letter of credit and trade finance system at a time when technology providers did not believe the Internet was ever going to be used. SwiftTrade® success was exposed in a Microsoft case study and then developed as a public and internal web collaboration platform bringing the bank the President’s ‘E’ Award for excellence in Export Service (United States). Hervé is the visionary behind the WinstantPay™ network. He is a seasoned banker, expert in payments, foreign exchange, and blockchain technology.

Ollie Walsh

Marketing and Strategy Advisor

PiP iT is an Irish company and their platform has been developed to make it much cheaper and easier for migrants to support their families in their home country. PiP iT has been a partner of ImpalaPay for the last year as the two companies developed payment options for East African migrants living in the UK to pay their family bills at home. That partnership process has resulted in a cash payment option for ImpalaCoin via PiP iT’s platform. Ollie  has extensive knowledge and experience in building tech companies. His background is in Strategy and Marketing having worked for the past 25 years helping companies to develop international growth strategies. As well as his Masters in Business Strategy, Ollie also holds a Post Grad in Applied Entrepreneurship from National University of Ireland (Galway) and a Executive Certificate in Innovation Management from London School of Economics.

Token Distribution

How ICM Tokens will be distributed

Where ICM gains regulatory banking licenses, Token holders can convert some of their Tokens through a private placement under the Financial Services Act (FSA) of Mauritius rules.

  • 65% Distributed during token generation event
  • 25% Team, advisors and partners
  • 7% Early ICM users
  • 3% Bounty Program